Strengthen Your Posture

Train your body to default into Power Posture to avoid health problems such as osteoarthritis, chronic pain, premature aging & reduced breathing capacity.   PostureFit helps you find your Power Posture and use it in every workout so that it becomes your new default posture.

Strengthen Your Core 

The muscles that comprise your "core" help keep your back straight, your stomach pulled in, and your gait steady and strong.  PostureFit helps you build a strong & stable core so your entire musculoskeletal system is able to perform as an efficient, integrated unit.

Strengthen Your Bones

Weight-bearing physical activity is a crucial step in preventing bone loss.  PostureFit’s weighted bar adds weight-bearing into your workout anytime you are using it to execute standing moves.

How PostureFit Helps You Strengthen Your

5 Core Components of Health

Strengthen Your Cardio

Regular cardiovascular workouts strengthen your heart, increase your lung capacity and can contribute to better blood pressure, resting heart rates, and more.  Supercharge your cardio workouts by completing our 25-minute routine that keeps you in Power Posture, maximizing the impact of your workout.

Strengthen Your Flexibility

Regular use of PostureFit can help improve your flexibility leading to improved range of motion which staves off the effects of aging. 

Get A Total Body Workout

Target muscle groups like arms, core, legs/glutes. You can even do a yoga-inspired stretch routine using your PostureFit Bar.  By placing you in Power Posture it becomes almost impossible to "cheat" or use bad form, making your workouts much more effective.

It's Versatile

The PostureFit Bar is versatile and allows you to use it for a variety of moves when not using it behind the neck - including tricep sword pulls, bicep curls, chest presses, rows, and more. Get started with the videos here or visit our YouTube channel to view our library of workouts.

Add Extra Support

Get more targeted results for your core and avoid neck strain and flattening of the neck while doing floor work by using the PostureFit Bar for support.  

*Bender Ball shown under the lower back may be purchased separately.