Therapeutic Exercise Helps 

Your Patients and Your Practice


Continued adjustments without empowering the patient to strengthen their core and actively work at reducing Forward Head Posture leads to temporary results.  Achieve patient goals, help your patients hold their adjustments longer, reduce forward head posture, improve range of motion, and eliminate pain by add therapeutic exercise to their treatment plan.  PostureFit makes it easy to incorporate and it can be administered by a chiropractic assistant.

Our simple 4-step program is easy to use:


Perform an Initial Assessment, identify Functional Deficits, & set patient goals using our master documentation .


Assign your patient to a pre-designed workout and schedule them for  regular Active Care sessions in your office.


Move the patient through the step-by-step workouts, moving them to greater difficulty if, and as, they are able.


Upon achieving patient goals, release them from Active Care & encourage them to continue PostureFit at home.

The PostureFit Active Care Program Includes:

  • A Comprehensive PostureFit Doctor’s Manual that provides:

    • Master Documentation Including

      • Initial Assessment

      • Functional Deficits

      • Release From Active Care

    • Simple pre-designed, easy-to-follow Therapeutic Exercise Programs for Beginner, Intermediate 1 & 2, and Advanced levels

  • Two (2) PostureFit Bars

  • Spinal Series Poster of Moves to jump start your patients into Active Care 

  • Access to our complete PostureFit Active Care Online Video Library including "How To" Videos for all documentation

  • One (1) 30-minute phone consultation with creator Dr. Liz Welch during your first 60 days

  • Designation as a PostureFit Chiropractic Partner in our database

  • PostureFit Reseller Opportunity*

*As a PostureFIt Chiropractic Partner you can enroll in our optional Official PostureFit Resellers program. Once a patient has achieved their Active Care goals, they can maintain their new posture and support continued chiropractic adjustments by purchasing a PostureFit Bar for home use as they are released from care. Simply purchase PostureFit Bars at deeply discounted wholesale rates, and resell them to your patients at retail. 

Setting Power Posture

Every Active Care session begins with placing your patients in Power Posture.  In this instructional video, Master Trainers Ashley and Taylor demonstrate how to set Power Posture with your patients.  


It is a   simple, fast, and effective way to help your patients realize just how far they have strayed from strong, proper posture and helps them reset their body awareness so they can begin to return their body to Power Posture between Active Care sessions.

Have questions?  Schedule a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation with
Dr. Welch to see how PostureFit can benefit your patients and your practice!