Meet Your Power Posture

Every workout starts with setting your own personal Power Posture and contributes to strengthening your core every time you use your PostureFit Bar.


  • Create new muscle memory that changes your default posture 

  • Combat the negative effects of daily life, work, and technology

  • Rebuild your core after pregnancy

  • Exercise in proper posture and perfect form 

  • Maximize the impact of your workouts

  • Lessen the chance of injuries due to poor form


Whether at home, the gym, or at a chiropractic partner, PostureFit helps you get strong in perfect form.

The Arc Matters

Unlike other neck supports you might find in the gym, the PostureFit Bar features a special patented cervical neck support designed by a chiropractor that helps you put your neck in the optimal 42-degree arc, placing your body in Power Posture.  


Shoulders back, eyes forward, the PostureFit Bar helps you open your rib cage for better breathing, forcing you to pull your core muscles in and position your hips under your shoulders to distribute your weight evenly so exercise can be performed with good, strong form.  


Exercises performed in good form are far more effective because they can be performed to their maximum without the additional stress or danger of injury that can result in performing exercises with poor form.

Our unique cushion places your neck at the optimal 42-degree arc, placing you in Power Posture.

1 PostureFit Bar Targets 5 Areas of Health

Strengthen Your Posture

Train your body to default into Power Posture.   PostureFit helps you find your Power Posture and use it in every workout so that it becomes your new default posture.

Strengthen Your Core 

 PostureFit helps you build a strong & stable core so your entire musculoskeletal system is able to perform as an efficient, integrated unit.

Strengthen Your Flexibility

PostureFit  improves your flexibility leading to improved range of motion which staves off the effects of aging. 

Strengthen Your Cardio

 Supercharge your cardio workouts by completing our 25-minute routine that keeps you in Power Posture, maximizing the impact of your workout.

Strengthen Your Bones

PostureFit’s weighted bar adds weight-bearing into your workout anytime you are using it to execute standing moves.

Use PostureFit to Build Strong Posture 

Place yourself in Power Posture and run through our Neck & Back Series to focus solely on reinforcing strong, natural posture and reducing forward head posture.

Use PostureFit for a Total Body Workout

The PostureFit Bar is versatile and allows you to use it for a variety of moves when not using it behind the neck including tricep sword pulls, bicep curls, chest presses, rows, and more.  Our video library of moves will give you all you need to get started targeting any muscle group.

More Effective Core Workouts

Get more targeted results for your core and avoid neck strain and flattening of the neck while doing floor work by using the PostureFit Bar for support.  

*Bender Ball shown under the lower back may be purchased separately.