An Attitude of Gratitude

It's hard to believe that another Thanksgiving holiday has passed. When you think of the term "thanksgiving", what comes to mind for you? What are the top three things you think of? As I think of giving thanks--or feeling gratitude--for what we have, it brought me to understand just how important mindfulness can be in creating a positive state for our mind and our bodies. State of mind plays a key role in making sure we enter our lives everyday from a place of inner strength and peace. Being mindful of our thoughts, our actions, the blessings in our lives (in spite of our challenges), and making it a practice to find quiet time for our minds makes it easier to be in and live in a place

Your Life Is On the Line

Over 40 years ago, a pioneering doctor named John Travis became the driving force behind the idea of "wellness" in health as opposed to illness. He had a radical idea that pracitioners should partner with their patients with the goal of achieving optimal health rather than serving as a counselor to the sick. He had a new vision for healthcare practitioners that became known as the "Illness-Wellness Continuum" that identified the various stages of wellness from neutral to optimal and neutral to disease. I’ll be using the Illness-Wellness Continuum below in my communication over the next several months. Recognizing where you are on the continuum is so important. It gives you a starting poi

Stopping the Slouch

If you read the research on what slouching does to your Health, you'll be astonished! Where most people view posture as an aesthetic issue, the facts are that slouching affects your health in critical, negative ways. There's nothing positive at all about slouching, what we call “hyper-thoracic kyphosis” or “Forward Head Posture” in the chiropractic world. Headaches, neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, herniated discs, breathing issues and accelerated arthritis are just some of the negative conditions associated with kyphosis or FHP, just to name a few. Slouching can be perceived as a benign, normal way of carrying yourself or standing, the fact is—it is hurting you and deteriorat

Aging Healthfully

This week I celebrated my 58th birthday. As a health practitioner and as a woman, I spent some time reflecting on yet another year in the books and to check-in with myself on how I am feeling about aging. The word “aging” has a broad connotation. As a verb, it refers to the process of growing old. As an adjective, it refers to the elderly. Hopefully, we will all get the blessing of aging and we will age well. Aging brings with it many changes and may require some adaptations as the stressors that accompany age impact our overall well-being and functioning. Although genetic predispositions may play in factor in how we age, many lifestyle choices such as alcoholism, smoking, poor nutrit



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