Falling off your 2019 Health and Fitness goals??

If you’ve been following us in Instagram, you’ll notice we’ve been promoting our #movemonday challenge. The idea behind the #movemonday challenge, besides featuring GetPostureFit, is to encourage you to start your week thinking intentionally about movement. Movement patterns, especially ones that are biomechanically correct, are so good for your health, your mind and your mission. Many folks start the New Year with resolutions or aspirations to move forward in their health and fitness. Congratulations on that thinking because being disciplined in your health and fitness is a game changer actually a life changer. Improving your health and fitness naturally has a hugely positive impact On o

2019 Goals....Our Personal Journeys

Can't help but think about making goals in the New Year and to be more on purpose on our personal journeys. No question that writing goals and achieving goals gives one a sense of accomplishment. What's your goal this year? Have you made any? I hope so! It's not bad or wrong if you didn't or choose not to....but it kind of raises the bar or rather makes it more clear what it is that you are striving for. If you have made a goal, write it down preferably in a book or journal and put a date on when you'd like to get that goal reached. I'm in the process of doing the same. Organizational skills are not particularly my strength so documenting the goal and chunking it down into doable, reali

New Year New You.....New Year New Me!

Good bye old....hello New Happy New Year 2019 dear friends!!! For me 2018 was a spectacular year! Seeing our beautiful daughter walk down the aisle was the most precious, anticipated moment since she was a baby. The planning was a journey of joy——the day at the top of my blessings! What a beautiful bride you are Mikaela! 2018 also a big year in that I started PostureFit in Chicago. Whereas the product and method were inspired nearly a decade ago, it has taken me time to bring this full vision to life! So pumped to be here. 2018 also a huge year for our son Alec to start his inspired business that will launch the first quarter 2019. Exciting details to come! For 2019 I pray for contin



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