Add PostureFit to your Practice

Today's world has become a minefield of activities that encourage poor posture.  Everyday activities such as child care, repetitive work motions, even simply sitting at a desk, cause proper posture to degenerate and leave our patients open to chronic aches and pains, headaches, Forward Head Posture, and even osteopenia, osteoporosis or osteoarthritis!

With PostureFit, your patients will leave your office knowing the importance of posture and their understanding will profoundly impact your practice.  This will grow your relationships with your patients, and create the awareness that their posture upkeep and your spinal adjustments are a team effort.  You will see this yield a significant benefit on their daily activities and their chiropractic outcomes.

PostureFit Active Care Program

The PostureFit System is easily adaptable for use in any type of office setting and with varying amounts of help. Whether you have a dedicated fitness or therapy space available, a small corner in which to perform, several Chiropractic Assistants or none... this system will work for you. 

We have done the hard work for you!  Having the Active Care Program implemented into my own office for over 5 years, I am ready to share everything needed to make this program work for you, down to the forms needed and billing submission ins and outs.  I am here to make this addition to your services as seamless as possible.

Package includes:

3 PostureFit Bars

1 Bender Ball

Digital Active Care Guidebook

Digital Forms and Billing information

1 hour session with Dr. Welch for training and implementation into your office

Brochures for your office

$599 plus s+h

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