PostureFit Active Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an effective solution for long term improvement/correction?

The PostureFit Bar used with the Active Care Program will improve/correct the patient's bad posture. Proven through our case study, PostureFit has proven to be an effective solution for reducing forward head posture while simultaneously strengthening the core with improved overall function.  Depending on the health of the patient's neck and back will determine how quickly or slowly the timing will be for improvement.

What functional changes have you seen using the PostureFit System?

Increased range of motion

Improved balance

Growth in patient confidence in performing daily activities

Improved patient attitude

Improved chiropractic outcomes

Increased muscle mass

Are there any contraindications to doing PostureFit?

There should be no serious pain while using this product.  If the patient cannot externally rotate his/her shoulder, they cannot currently get into our Power Posture position which is the basis of PostureFit.  However, we do have modification positions for Power Posture that the patient can begin with until they can get the bar behind their neck.

Does the patient only use the PostureFit Bar while they are in the office?

No, the Bar is designed to be used daily.  All our Active Care patients purchase a Bar to continue their practice at home.  This is an important piece of the therapy to ensure best outcomes.  We do have both wholesale and Affiliate pricing available for selling the Bar to your patients.

Does the doctor do Active Care with the patients?

It is not necessary, unless you want to! All states have their own set guidelines.  In our practice we have a specific chiropractic assistant who is in charge of doing an initial patient assessment for Active Care, determining any limitations.  The assistant also educates the patients and runs the Active Care Sessions.  Patient progress is then discussed with the doctor.  One Note - Based on the doctor's examination, it the the doctor's prerogative to recommend the patient as a candidate for Active Care.

How much room do you need in your office to setup Active Care?

You need approximately an 8 x 10 space to afford enough room for full range of motion to go through these functional movement patterns.

How many sessions of Active Care are recommended for each patient?

This is determined by the doctor based on the results of the sessions.  Typically 3 months meet goals however some patients may need more time for best outcomes.

Do the patients get released from Active Care once their goals are reached?

 Yes, however, they should continue the PostureFit protocols at home 2-4 times/week to maintain the strength, improved posture and all functional improvements not only for best Chiropractic outcomes but for the patients long term health.

Can insurance always be billed for Active Care?

This is dependent on your states rules and regulations.  Please note that although Active Care is billable in our state, we have many patients that do not have this covered and pay cash for Active Care.  Typically we sell it in a package of ten or twenty five sessions at a time.

Besides x-ray, do you use any other tests to determine posture measurements for progress on the patients?

Yes, we use the PostureCo app every twelve visits to image map the progress made.  We love it and the patients are happy to see the visual improvements.

What else is needed for the space where the Chiropractic Assistant works with the Active Care patients?

We recommend putting full length mirror on the wall.  There is power in the patient seeing the movements and the improvement in their form as progress.   In the beginning most don’t like too see themselves but that changes when they realize their potential.

How does my Chiropractic Assistant get trained for our office to get started right away?

Included in the package is a 1 hour session with Dr. Liz Welch.  Additional training is available is needed, for an additional fee.  We are also always available through email for questions that may arise.  

How many PostureFit Bars do we need to get started?

The system comes with 3 bars - a 6, 9, and 12lb bar. We can switch sizes if you prefer another 6 or 9lb bar instead of the 12lb bar.  If you find you would like a few more bars for the office, please let us know.  We do offer a one time discount code for additional office bars. 

Why is PostureFit Active Care recommended for my chiropractic office?

Poor posture is so prevalent and patients need to know that their Chiropractor is the go to person to put them on the path to good functional health.  Also with the understanding that it needs to be acted on to avoid negative health pitfalls and unnecessary pain.  PostureFit is the only Active Care solution that specifically addresses Forward Head Posture and core strength simultaneously to ensure lasting results.

Does PostureFit Active Care cover a full body workout?

Yes, every muscle group is addressed.  However, specific attention is initially paid to the major area of weakness (FHP, weak core specific to that patient) and the functional goals to support his/her Chiropractic adjustment.

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