Can PostureFit help my posture permanently?

   The PostureFit Bar is a Lifestyle tool.  When it is used on a regular basis, you will have results that will last a lifetime.  Look at it much like flossing your teeth.  When it becomes a lifestyle habit, the benefits are long lasting!

Do I have to do PostureFit everyday?

    We suggest you do the spinal maintenance at least five times per week.  Spinal maintenance takes 5-7 minutes per day.  The core exercises and movement patterns should be done a minimum of two to three times per week. The core exercises take 10-40 minutes based on your fitness level and health goals. 

How do I know which moves to do?

   Please refer to the new user workout tab on the website.  Additional, you will find a tab with other workouts that can easily fit into your routine.

What PostureFit Bar weight is right for me?

   If you have limitations in range of motion, use the 6 lb bar. Te  9 lb PostureFit Bar is the universal size however, if your form is compromised due to an old injury or any other limiting factors (osteoporosis, arthritis etc) the 6 lb PostureFit Bar is perfect.  Remember, as you get acquainted with the PostureFit exercise protocols, you can add an additional set of exercises to improve muscle strength and tone.  You do not need to change the weight of the PostureFit Bar overtime.  (Point to remember....This is a perfect amount of weight in addition to your own body weight when exercising without traumatizing your joints overtime causing arthritis.

Is PostureFit for everyone?

    PostureFit can be used by teenagers as well as senior citizens and everyone in between.   We do offer a Mommy and me or Daddy and me PostureFit Bar that is for younger children.  The child PostureFit Bar is weightless and is designed to be used to enjoy family exercise time.  

How do I get started with PostureFit?

    You can get started by going to the new user workout tab as well as the individual workout movement patterns listed on the website.

Are there any contraindications?

   The contraindications are as follows: If you cannot externally rotate your shoulders, then you cannot get the PostureFit Bar behind your neck into power posture.  However, there are modifications to avoid external shoulder rotation.  Secondly, if you take medication that affects your balance, this is a contraindication.  Always check with your physician first to be sure PostureFit movement patterns are right for you. 

How long do the workouts take?

   There is a workout to fit any schedule.  You can do PostureFit 5 minutes a day or up to an hour.  Even  five minutes/day  is perfect at your workstation to offset the negative effects of daily computer posture.

Will PostureFit improve my flexibility? 


    Absolutely!!  Make PostureFit a regular part of your lifestyle habits to improve posture, flexibility, mobility and strength.



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