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Forward Head Posture:  The Problem You Don't Know You Have

What Is Forward Head Posture ("FHP")?

It is simply the end result of an imbalance between the head and neck.  On its surface, it doesn't sound like it would cause much of a problem, however, its impacts are far-reaching for the entire body including pain, limited range of motion, decreased lung capacity, and more.

As the head moves forward, the neck straightens to compensate, rotating the head upwards in an effort to keep our eyes in their proper direction.  The strain on the neck is signifiant and increases as the degree of FHP increases.


We all have some degree of Forward Head Posture--life just takes you there because everything you do is forward-facing.  

  • Sitting at the computer

  • Staring down at your smartphone

  • Holding an infant or child

  • Job-related postures (surgeons, dental hygienists, janitors, etc.)

  • Performing manual labor and chores

  • Carrying additional weight such as heavy books, children, backpacks, etc.

There are many new gadgets and products that promise to help improve posture by simply "reminding" you to stand up straight.  These passive products cannot truly improve poor posture as they do nothing to address Forward Head Posture.

The PostureFit Bar is the only product on the market that actively combats the cause of negative posture:

Forward Head Posture and a weakened core.

Unlike other neck supports you might find in the gym, the PostureFit Bar features a special patented cervical neck support designed by a chiropractor that helps you put your neck in the optimal 42-degree arc.


Why Is the Arc Important?


This 42-degree arc aides you in placing your body in Power Posture.  Shoulders back, eyes forward, the PostureFit Bar helps you open your rib cage for better breathing, forcing you to pull your core muscles in and position your hips under your shoulders to distribute your weight evenly so exercise can be performed with good, strong form.  Exercises performed in good form are far more effective because they can be performed to their maximum without the additional stress or danger of injury that can result in performing exercises with poor form.




Strong Posture Should Feel Empowering, Not Fatiguing

When poor posture is your default, trying to stand in good posture can feel fatiguing.  Why?  Forward Head Posture!  It is hard to stand straight against the added weight of FHP.  After years of increasing FHP and a weakened core, most people are unable to determine where their body belongs and where their proper posture positioning is for their body.  In proper posture, your body should have an imaginary straight line--called a "plumb line"--the runs from your ear to your shoulder to your hip to your knee to your ankle.  As Forward Head Posture increases, the body is unable to maintain the plumb line leading to degenerative conditions, pain, limitations on range of motion, increased chance of injuries, problems with gait, and more.

Setting Power Posture with the PostureFit Bar

The very first step in the PostureFit program is helping you find and set your own Power Posture.  


This helps you feel where your proper posture is in relation to your body stance . This new body awareness then gives you something to work towards as you strengthen your core through exercises designed to be performed with the PostureFit Bar.


Wayne H.

Wayne began with a FHP measurement of 60.10 mm at the beginning of our case study.  At the end of our study, his measurement was 15.50 mm.  He reduced his FHP by over 44 mm.  He also increased his ROM by 23 and 21 degrees (left and right respectively).

Alex A.

Alex began with a FHP measurement of 29 mm at the beginning of our case study.  At the end of our study, his measurement was 4.20 mm.  He reduced his FHP by over 24 mm.  He also increased his ROM by 18 and 14 degrees (left and right respectively).

Ray M.

Ray began with a FHP measurement of 35.20 mm at the beginning of our case study.  At the end of our study, his measurement was 10.80 mm.  He reduced his FHP by over 24 mm.  He also increased his ROM by 38 and 35 degrees (left and right respectively).

Jay D.

Jay began with a FHP measurement of 50.20 mm at the beginning of our case study.  At the end of our study, his measurement was 28.70 mm.  He reduced his FHP by over 21 mm.  He also increased his ROM by 27 and .5 degrees (left and right respectively).

Katie B.

Katie began with a FHP measurement of 25.40 mm at the beginning of our case study.  At the end of our study, her measurement was 8.41 mm.  She reduced her FHP by almost 17 mm.  She also increased her ROM by 30 and 35 degrees (left and right respectively).

Strengthen Your Posture

Train your body to default into Power Posture to avoid health problems such as osteoarthritis, chronic pain, premature aging & reduced breathing capacity.   PostureFit helps you find your Power Posture and use it in every workout so that it becomes your new default posture.

Strengthen Your Core 

The muscles that comprise your "core" help keep your back straight, your stomach pulled in, and your gait steady and strong.  PostureFit helps you build a strong & stable core so your entire musculoskeletal system is able to perform as an efficient, integrated unit.

Strengthen Your Flexibility

Regular use of PostureFit can help improve your flexibility leading to improved range of motion which staves off the effects of aging. 

Strengthen Your Cardio

Regular cardiovascular workouts strengthen your heart, increase your lung capacity and can contribute to better blood pressure, resting heart rates, and more.  Supercharge your cardio workouts by completing our 25-minute routine that keeps you in Power Posture, maximizing the impact of your workout.

Strengthen Your Bones

Weight-bearing physical activity is a crucial step in preventing bone loss.  PostureFit’s weighted bar adds weight-bearing into your workout anytime you are using it to execute standing moves.

Making the PostureFit Bar a part of your regular fitness & wellness program will strengthen your core, reduce Forward Head Posture, and retrain your body to default into strong posture. Once you are PostureFit, slouching, slumping, and poor posture will feel wrong to you naturally and without wearing a buzzer or using other uncomfortable contraptions designed to simply pull your shoulders back without truly improving posture.



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