PostureFit Active Care Program

PostureFit Active Care Program


Forward Head Posture and/or Tech Neck is gaining prominence at an alarming rate, due to our continued reliance on technology.  The research is clear, and we know the effects it can have on the body, not only in appearances, but in its degeneration of the spine, breathing, balance, self-esteem… the list goes on and on. 


With PostureFit, your patients will leave your office knowing the importance of posture and their understanding will profoundly impact your practice.  This will grow your relationships with your patients, and create the awareness that their posture upkeep and your spinal adjustments are a team effort.  You will see this yield a significant benefit on their daily activities and their chiropractic outcomes.


The program comes with: 

  • 3 bars - a 6lb bar, a 9lb bar, and a 12lb bar
  • 1 Bender Ball
  • digital guide book, forms, and billing instructions (emailed separately)
  • brochures for your office
  • 1  hour session with Dr. Welch for Training and implementation into your office.
  • Affiliate code to share with your patients.