"I have been a regular user of my PostureFit Bar for the past 5 years. I've also been attending PostureFit classes several times a week for the last 5 years. Not only is there a tremendous difference in my posture, but also in my core and overall strength. I cannot more highly recommend PostureFit both in home and fitness classes as well. You will find yourself very aware of your posture and also very observant of others posture. You'll be noticing others forward head posture, etc. I'm recommending PostureFit all the time. Most of my family is now PostureFit as well!"    -Peggy R.

"Helped me to become the strongest and healthiest I've ever been! Great tool!"   -Kimberly R.

"I LOVE PostureFit! The genius is in its simplicity! Your workout can be done in any setting making it more than convenient. I have been using the PostureFit bar for a number of years. I love the overall body workout and how strong I feel when using it consistently!"    -Patti B.

"Great product. The best fitness and rehab tool in the business!"   -Sandra R.

"So good and beneficial for everyone. Just a few minutes each morning to set your posture for the day OR a 25 minute overall body workout at least 3 times a week!"   -Denise F.

"The PostureFit System is the only program out there that develops a long lasting strong posture...I strongly recommend it for athletes who value great health"   -Alec G.

"I have used the PostureFit Bar for over 3 years and love it! I initially used it to build core strength to help with back pain. Now I use it as a workout for overall health and well being. Strongly recommended!"   -Tori H.



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