Your Life Is On the Line

Over 40 years ago, a pioneering doctor named John Travis became the driving force behind the idea of "wellness" in health as opposed to illness. He had a radical idea that pracitioners should partner with their patients with the goal of achieving optimal health rather than serving as a counselor to the sick. He had a new vision for healthcare practitioners that became known as the "Illness-Wellness Continuum" that identified the various stages of wellness from neutral to optimal and neutral to disease. I’ll be using the Illness-Wellness Continuum below in my communication over the next several months.

Recognizing where you are on the continuum is so important. It gives you a starting point that’s real and a place to begin planning. It shows you clearly that valuing your health is the first step in making changes or improvements.

For the large majority of us, we almost never stay in the same place. We are either going up the scale or down, getting worse or getting better. Unfortunately many of us know the state of unwellness and disease too well. Yet when you have enough experience with what good health feels like, you can’t help but want to get healthier, fitter, stronger, and maintain that level of health.

Our world often times takes us down to the low end of the continuum and I know personally what an effort it takes to go forward and stay committed. ​Tweaking lifestyle habits to make this happen is key. Your life is a journey and should be an enjoyable one where you feel your best as much of the time as possible. Let’s start with recognizing where we are at and where we’d like to be. As we wind down 2017, let’s get into a reflective brainspace and release any lies that say you can’t do it. You CAN do it. Choose health. Choose your best self!

In the weeks to come, we will be discussing lifestyle habits to push you in the right direction. Take a look at this infographic. If we all start out at Neutral Health, there are two paths: the path of wellness (BLUE) and the path of disease (ORANGE). Which side are you on? Where are YOU on the continuum line?

Let’s get right down to it and make a plan to reach your highest-level of wellness as possible!

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