An Attitude of Gratitude

It's hard to believe that another Thanksgiving holiday has passed. When you think of the term "thanksgiving", what comes to mind for you? What are the top three things you think of? As I think of giving thanks--or feeling gratitude--for what we have, it brought me to understand just how important mindfulness can be in creating a positive state for our mind and our bodies. State of mind plays a key role in making sure we enter our lives everyday from a place of inner strength and peace. Being mindful of our thoughts, our actions, the blessings in our lives (in spite of our challenges), and making it a practice to find quiet time for our minds makes it easier to be in and live in a place of gratitude as an everyday state. For that reason, we've decided to add Mindfulness to our Core Components of Health.

In the fast paced world we all live in today, finding a few quiet moments of solace and quiet to take stock of our lives, our health, our loved ones can seem like a difficult task. This year on one of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday interviews, motivational speaker and life coach Tony Robbins said, "if you can't find five minutes, you don't have a life". Think about that statement for a you tell yourself you just don't have time to meditate? To sit in quiet for a few minutes to recharge?

It doesn't take attending a yoga studio or formal program to take that first step towards incorporating mindfulness into your day. Thoughtful use of technology has brought about some fantastic apps you can use to begin grabbing those 5 minutes of your day and hopefully encourage you to turn that 5 minutes into 10, then 20 minutes a day of restful quieting of the mind. These two have been reviewed personally by me and by members of my PostureFit team as the "favorites" of the options out there:

Calm is a great app to start with as it offers guided meditations in a range of time lengths starting with just 3-minutes that can help a beginner get started on the path of meditation. They also offer a program called "Daily Calm" which is a 10-minute guided meditation you can use to begin or end your day. This well-developed app offers sleep stories, unguided meditations, sounds to help you get to sleep, breathing exercises, and so much more.

Perfectly named, The Mindfulness App can jumpstart your journey to mindfulness by taking their five-day guided meditation practice program. You can also set meditation reminders and timers for yourself. If you really want to make mindfulness a part of your overall approach to health and wellness you can use their health app integration capability to prioritize your mental health along with your physical health.

As we approach a new year, take some time to consider how you might begin this new year adding a mindfulness practice into your day. These apps and others like them can give you the opportunity to pop in headphones and take yourself out of your day to do a guided mediation in your parked car, at lunch time, in bed, in a chair, anywhere you can take back 5 minutes for YOU.

This article from Healthline offers a few more reviews on the top apps for mindfulness. Test some out and see which one can best fit your goals for your life and make gratitude and mindfulness a part of your daily living!

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