New Year New You.....New Year New Me!

Good bye old....hello New

Happy New Year 2019 dear friends!!!

For me 2018 was a spectacular year! Seeing our beautiful daughter walk down the aisle was the most precious, anticipated moment since she was a baby. The planning was a journey of joy——the day at the top of my blessings! What a beautiful bride you are Mikaela!

2018 also a big year in that I started PostureFit in Chicago. Whereas the product and method were inspired nearly a decade ago, it has taken me time to bring this full vision to life! So pumped to be here.

2018 also a huge year for our son Alec to start his inspired business that will launch the first quarter 2019. Exciting details to come!

For 2019 I pray for continued inspiration as I expand the mission and vision of PostureFit, I pray for peace yet excitement in all things good, I pray for great health and a continued motivation to lead in my area of passion and lastly, I pray for a heart of appreciation and to remember that every little thing is part of my journey. Every little thing counts.

i look so forward to sharing my three decades as a health care provider to now.....a passionate enthusiast about body language, specifically it relates to confidence, productivity, focus and lasting wellness.

I welcome your thoughts and comments always.

God Bless you and yours in 2019

Dr Liz

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