2019 Goals....Our Personal Journeys

Can't help but think about making goals in the New Year and to be more on purpose on

our personal journeys.

No question that writing goals and achieving goals gives one a sense of accomplishment.

What's your goal this year? Have you made any? I hope so! It's not bad or wrong if you didn't or choose not to....but it kind of raises the bar or rather makes it more clear what it is that you are striving for. If you have made a goal, write it down preferably in a book or journal and put a date on when you'd like to get that goal reached. I'm in the process of doing the same. Organizational skills are not particularly my

strength so documenting the goal and chunking it down into doable, realistic steps helps me to reach the goal as well as doing it in a timeline that will work without causing stress. Then document the celebration!

Right now in our Chiropractic office we are promoting eliminating sugar for two weeks. I'll be the first to

say it's not easy since sugar is in everything practically. It may not be a goal on your list but it is something that will move your health in the right direction. Let's face it, we know sugar in all it's simple and delicious forms contribute to inflammation, painful joints, lost focus, gut issues, head aches, mood changes etc.... I could go on and on. Please don't let the food companies rob your families health by purchasing packaged simple sugars that might seem warm and fuzzy but are without nutrition and simply bad for you. I definitely did my fair share over the holidays. All the more reason to start back to

better choices. If you think you feel your age, make better choices so you can feel and move younger than you are.

Consider going clean even for a week so you can feel the difference sugar makes in everything including your sleep. Start your year empowering yourself with more water, organic vegetables, lean meats and fish. Eliminate nastiness. Pick a time frame. You can do it. Start with one day. If this is resonating with you, please reach out to me. I want to encourage you. Write it down "I want to eliminate sugar for one day" Write the date. Chunk it down if a week is to overwhelming.

God Bless You Friends!

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