Falling off your 2019 Health and Fitness goals??

If you’ve been following us in Instagram, you’ll notice we’ve been promoting our #movemonday challenge. The idea behind the #movemonday challenge, besides featuring GetPostureFit, is to encourage you to start your week thinking intentionally about movement. Movement patterns, especially ones that are biomechanically correct, are so good for your health, your mind and your mission.

Many folks start the New Year with resolutions or aspirations to move forward in their health and fitness. Congratulations on that thinking because being disciplined in your health and fitness is a game changer actually a life changer. Improving your health and fitness naturally has a hugely positive impact

On other components of your life such as your social life your career path your love life. Statistics show being disciplined in your health and fitness choices has a direct impact on other parts of your life and yet the same is true if you are not being disciplined in your health and fitness (talking about it is NOT enough) statistics show your productivity is less your joy factor is less and your energy is less.

So what do you do if you’ve falling down on your 2019 health and fitness goals???

Pick it up my friend!! We all fall. It’s the getting up that matters. Perhaps your health goals were to lofty or you plain and simple didn’t apply good time management skills.

Heres my advice.........

What are your health goals?? Please identify them specifically. If it’s weight loss, identify its 20 pounds in six weeks that your planning on losing. Be specific and with a date in mind.....because then you have to chunk it down into action steps. The big ideas without an action plan won’t cut it..it won’t drive you closer to your goal. If you don’t know your health goals, figure them out then create an action plan for success.

example.....If you want to get ripped in the core, stretch 5-15 minutes then have a set 4-6 exercises you do daily for x period of time. Bam!!! As it gets more like second nature, add a couple more exercises or add another set or two. Build on your progress. Celebrate your wins with those you care about. I call this moving your health to the right!!

Remember, excuses are exhausting. You are your game changer!! One foot in front of the other equals results. To much to soon is typically not the successful recipe. Reconsider your health goals and build on them!! That’s an accomplishment worthy of celebrating.

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