The Evil "Desk Hunch". Has it taken over your posture?

Show of hands, does this photo remind you of how you sit at your desk? Do you lean forward over your keyboard, shoulders up to your ears with your nose inches from the screen? Yeah, even I'm guilty of that now and then!

I can talk about great posture all day long. It’s a health habit I appreciate and respect. When you observe a man or woman with beautiful posture, there’s something special about how he or she stands and walks. It’s as though their heads are attached to a string from the sky. They look lighter and not stressed. Their ‘upright’ body motion is strong and screams confidence!!! There’s no forward lean pulling on their neck and shoulders creating tension.

This same person sits at his or her computer with again ‘upright’ posture maintaining the proper distance to the screen. The shoulders and chest are open and the torso is long. Maintaining these habits verses the classic slouch that many of us can get into after hours on the screen is seriously important. It’s easy to visualize a year up the road, five years, ten etc.. without making any changes. Our heavy heads ride forward because they weigh as much as a bowling ball and the neck muscles become to weak to hold up the head against gravity even in the seated position. Ugh!! Typically the computer or tablet is not in its correct ergonomic placement lending itself to eventual aches and pains.

So what are those habits anyway to create that lifelong strong posture?

1. First is understanding where your posture is now so you know what corrections need to be made. Ex: From the side view, your ear should be over your shoulder which is over your hip and over your knee. This should be in a nice straight line. Try to march in place in this correct position.

2. As I mentioned above, we all sit for extended time periods at our computers, so here’s some insight. Your computer should be directly in front of you with the top line of the screen at or slightly below eye level. If you sit slightly reclined in your computer chair and hold your arm in an extended horizontal position, your middle finger should just about touch your screen.

3. Place the monitor where you can read the screen without bending your head and neck forward or backwards.

Lastly, since exercise is on most of our lifestyle strategy lists, add the basic posture exercises using PostureFit (because its weighted and offers resistance). This will reinforce your posture muscle strength and adapt easily to the healthy changes to YOUR Upright Posture. This will add minutes to your workout while changing your posture for life!

My three favorite exercises to accomplish this are

*Setting your posture and retraction

*Spinal Range of motion exercises

*Upright Row

Here’s to Healthy, Upright Posture!

Dr Liz

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