The Newness of a Great Year

We are craving the newness of a great year - fresh beginnings, new healthy habits and a greater appreciation for what we have.

2020 hit all of us in different ways. Our family dynamics changed, the holidays were much quieter, and we suddenly have a newfound love of our homes, which became our office, classroom, restaurant, and movie theater overnight. The things we took for granted before such as going to a restaurant or bar to meet up with friends has now become something we can't wait to do again.

For me, 2020 separated my tight knit family, making weekly get togethers a thing of the past. In the midst of everything shutting down, I received the news no one wants to hear, I found out I had lung cancer. My unexplained shortness of breath, which I've never had issue with before, turned into my nightmare. I ended up in the hospital for over a month, at a time where no one is allowed in your room besides nurses and doctors. I am fortunate that my daughter, who's a nurse, was allowed to keep me company everyday. My family, always supportive, would be in the parking lot below my window and chat with me via phone. This was my sanity during this isolating time. For someone who has never been in the hospital, I have now caught up to everyone else!

I am so grateful for my family and friends. They have gone above and beyond during my recovery. My husband and son are here for me, whatever I need. My relatives and close friends keep me entertained and well fed. Everyone has a battle, EVERYONE! Big or small, no one is exempt. Being a prayer warrior, staying strong and loving and supporting each other will help each of us get through our battles. Just know you are never alone and there is always someone will to offer support.

Also during this time came acceptance. This is my new normal, my new battle that I am continuing to fight. I have made great strides in overcoming this horrible disease and am confident I will WIN and continue to be an advocate for others. The diagnosis is perceived as the one someone else gets, not yourself. Having experienced this first hand for the past five months makes me so aware that no, it's not the other person's diagnosis ,it's mine. As I kick this disease to the curb I realize with all the love and kindness I have received, I want to offer that same encouragement prayers and love to others going through their own battle, just know you're not alone.

Here's a toast to what will be an amazing 2021!

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