The PostureFit Passion

-We know its a given that regular exercise is good for us. Good for so many facets of our health.....cardio, strength, flexibility, energy, mood, self esteem etc...

-It can be overwhelming because of the pressure to exercise as well as there are so many fitness tools out there from kettle bells to ropes, weighted balls, mirrors, hand weights etc. and so what’s best for me??

-People often feel obligated to go to the gym to get his/her workouts in because its motivating and easier to do when the environment lends itself to that level of energy but the stress of getting there can be frustrating.

-Often though the reality is such that this line on the task list has to go because of the busyness of the day. Work, family, life rules and workouts become interrupted or bumped off the daily list.

This is exactly WHY I love PostureFit!! I mean if your fitness goals are to get jacked up with heavy weights at the gym that’s one thing...however, you can still use PostureFit for the flexibility, balance and postural part of your workout. But if you want to stay consistent and get stronger and more fit with each passing day, then PostureFit is for YOU!! As a matter of fact, many people who focus only on lifting heavy and not the other goals I just mentioned end up with upper cross syndrome where the shoulders getter pulled down and forward which ultimately pulls the neck forward into forward head posture! OUCH.

Keeping life SIMPLE. Before you get on with your daily task list, if your PostureFit Bar is right in your room like mine is, start your day with some upright rows in front of the mirror. There’s a mental component of starting your day tall and in great posture. I'd suggest 12 upright rows. You’ll start to feel your shoulders loosen up and strengthen at the same time. It motivates me to move right into my side bends, my triceps extensions right into my PostureFit Good mornings. Now your body’s moving and your blood is flowing and it has only taken FIVE minutes. Once this becomes routine, add a second round of the same exercises and then when your ready, a third set!!

What a great way to get your exercise supercharged and over with early in the morning! Check it off the list...oh ya! This will pave your day for excellent mental strengthening!!

Honestly once this series of basic exercises are behind you, you can easily add five more new exercises to start your day. Here’s my favorites list for next five exercises.

1. Alternating PostureFit lunges (Loosens and strengthens the hip flexors)

2. PostureFit High Knees (Works your balance and your butt)

3. PostureFit crossover back lunges (works the outer sides of your booty)

4. PostureFit butt crunches (booty tighten)

5. PostureFit open closes with resistance bands (Upper legs tighten)

With the weight of the PostureFit Bar for resistance, starting out focusing on your best form and slowly adding on new PostureFit exercises will help you with your consistency, each morning turning up for your workouts!!


Don’t even have to leave your home and your workout is done!!!!

Prefer, to follow along to a workout video? Check our YouTube channel, PostureFit, for more exercises.

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