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We care about your body,

and your future. 


Dr. Elizabeth Welch


I am Dr. Liz Welch, Chiropractor and the founder of PostureFit. After adjusting a patient some years ago, I watched as she walked out of my office, hunched over in terrible posture. I thought to myself, "I am delivering the best chiropractic adjustment on my patients, but the moment they leave my office, they are going right back to teaching their body to slouch". I struggled with this, knowing the other methods of fixing posture don't work long term. 

That is when PostureFit was born. I want my patients, and I want YOU, to experience the benefits of having Perfect Posture. I want you to look confident with your shoulders back, I want you to feel confident with your head held high. I want you to move better, breathe better, and focus more clearly. 


The idea is simple, and the results are life changing. If you take control of attaining great posture, your future self will thank you. 


The idea of the PostureFit Bar began with the question of "What will improve my patient's posture FOR GOOD?" I knew that the PostureFit Bar would accomplish this because my patients would be exercising in Perfect Posture and strengthening their body in that perfect form. PostureFit has proven to be extremely successful at doing just that, and we are ready to help you accomplish the same. 

People who use PostureFit 3-5 times per week can expect to see drastic improvement in their posture within the first 2-3 weeks!

You can use PostureFit as your main source of exercise. Our YouTube channel has full posture and core strengthening workout videos, ranging from our 7 minute daily spinal maintenance to our 30 minute full body workout.

If you already love your current fitness routine, but are not addressing your posture, use PostureFit as a supplementary exercise tool to address your posture for long term health benefits.

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