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Posture is the foundation of golf. Without correct posture and posture awareness you risk incorrect alignment, sub par thoracic rotation and instability in your mechanics. PostureFit solves that problem at the source. Instead of "band-aiding" the problem, PostureFit changes the body's muscle memory for golf specific results. As an official partner of the LPGA, PostureFit is not changing the game, it's changing the player.


The PostureFit Bar CAN and SHOULD be implemented in your chiropractic practice. We understand each office functions uniquely.

Whether you have the ability to:

Bill for active care

Establish group classes

Coach your patients one-on-one for PostureFit at-home rehabilitation

 We are confident in the benefits you and your patients will discover.  


Dr. David Serrano
     Family Chiropractic and Posture Center

"I have been using the PostureFit System for over 6 years.  The message is crystal clear to my patients.  Correcting forward head posture will help you take a giant step toward better health and wellness.  As a chiropractor that focuses on corrective care to optimize the spine and nervous system, I could not be happier with the PostureFit Bar.  My patients get better results, faster.  It is simple to use, easy to understand, and can be taken anywhere, with very little space.  It reinforces the principle of getting strong in your best posture.  Nothing else has helped strengthen posture and bring natural alignment back like the PF Bar.  Too many gyms and exercises focus on getting strong, in the wrong direction.  Our new sedentary, technology-based lifestyle has brought on one of the biggest health challenges the population will face; and PostureFit is there to meet it head on."



Bending forward continuously throughout your workday, whether doing procedures or note documentation, is rough on the body.  

This ongoing stress on the spine and nervous system takes a toll on us if we don’t do something to counterbalance these stressful loads throughout the day.


Having a PostureFit Bar at your office, home or workstation and using it to stretch for a few minutes in correct posture a couple times per day, will counterbalance these stressors.  PostureFit will help you avoid the compounding negative effects of the forward head posture that leads to the dreaded degenerative disc disease and associated symptoms.   


Strong posture is an athlete's secret weapon!  

Good posture creates a muscular and skeletal balance that protects the body from injury.  This means athletes need good posture and form when participating in their sport as well as when standing, sitting and sleeping.

Dynamic posture leads to coordinated movement.  Each movement is a momentary alignment of body segments and successful movement is determined by the ease of transition from each posture to the next.  If one link in the kinetic chain is out of sync, there's potential for error or injury!

When an athlete has to move to compensate for poor posture, he or she is losing power and wasting energy.


PostureFit can improve athletes by incorporating the bar into their fitness routines to strengthen their core and support their improved posture.

Tech Users

How does your neck feel after staring at your phone, tablet, or computer - sore?  You are not alone.

Staring at your electronic devices for hours each day can take a serious toll on your neck and back.  Even more so if you are looking down at the screen instead of having them at eye level.  

Whether at home or at work, using the PostureFit Bar for a few minutes will help counteract this negative posture.  You can even do some of the exercises at your desk!

Doing our 12-move quick start guide will have you establishing a beautiful, strong, upright posture.  


Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tilers, flooring installers - we've all seen them crouching down, getting into tight spaces, bent over the item they are working on. 
The many stressful body positions they ar
e in throughout the course of their workday is difficult to count.  Not to speak of the stress this puts on the entire body, especially the neck and back.  

Using PostureFit daily, even for a few minutes, will help establish proper motion in your neck and back.  This will pave the way for a stronger, healthier spine and core.  

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