Frequently Asked Questions

Will PostureFit fix my bad posture?

The PostureFit Bar used with the PostureFit workouts will improve/correct your bad posture. The Bar is designed to set your Power Posture and the workouts are designed to strengthen your core while simultaneously improving your posture. It is essential to stick to the PostureFit Beginnings playlist on YouTube until your body is comfortable with Power Posture before moving on to more advanced moves.  Depending on the health of your neck and back will determine how quickly or slowly your timing will be for improvement.

How long will it take to see results?

Results are noticed almost immediately.  Once you set your power posture and begin the Daily Spinal Maintenance workout, you will begin to see your posture in a completely different light.  Five minutes a day with this workout video will help you see results your first week.

Should I be feeling pain when I'm using PostureFit?

There should be no serious pain while using this product.  Based on the current health of your shoulders - how tight or restricted they are - will determine any level or discomfort or achiness you may have from the workouts.  Listen to your body and don't force movement patterns until your body is ready, your muscles are going to be tight, especially your arms and shoulders, it will take some time for them to loosen up.  

How old do you have to be to do PostureFit?

We recommend at least 13 years of age, unless you are using our Junior PostureFit Bar (coming soon!), which is suitable for children over 5.  The Junior Bar weighs 1 pound and should be used while exercising with an adult.

How will I know if I am using the PostureFit Bar correctly?

You should feel your core muscles responding while setting your Power Posture and following the Daily Spinal Maintenance workout.  Customers that have started with Dr. Liz call it an AHA moment - you feel your torso "open up" and lengthen.


We always encourage our community to send us a short video of yourself setting your Power Posture and going through the movement patterns of the Daily Spinal Maintenance workout and we will respond letting you know how your form looks.

What comes with the PostureFit Bar?

The PostureFit Bar comes with a quick start guide with our basic movement patterns.  

Are PostureFit classes offered anywhere?

The main place our workouts can be found is our YouTube page, PostureFit.  Don't forget to subscribe and tap the little bell for notifications of new videos!

Why is the PostureFit Bar 9 pounds?

9 pounds is the universal weight, it meets the needs of most of our customers since multiple reps/sets are usually done in our workouts.  The importance of our workouts is your form rather than how much a person can lift.  When proper form is used during an exercise, your body will get greater benefit from the move, where bad posture during the same exercise with more weight may lead to injury. 


We do have a few other sizes available upon request:

6 pounds - if you have significant joint restrictions, or you feel 9 pounds may be too heavy for you

12 pounds - if you are at a higher level fitness with greater muscle definition

Why is building my posture important?  I know it looks bad but how does it affect my life?

Your posture affects so many areas of the body.  Having poor posture puts stress on the spine and accelerates degeneration of the spine.  It affects your body's ability to breathe fully and is directly related to fatigue and reduced oxygenation in the blood.  It also reduces your body's range of motion.  A good test would be trying to look over your shoulder without turning your torso - can you do it?  If not, your range of motion has been affected.  All of these symptoms can lead to lowering your self confidence, you know something is wrong, but don't know how to fix it.  

Are there any training restrictions for beginning PostureFit?

Yes - if you cannot perform external shoulder rotation, you won't be able to initially set your Power Posture.  A good test to see if this rotation can be achieved is to stand against a wall with both shoulders touching the wall.  Put your arms straight out to the side, palms parallel to the floor bring pointer through pinky fingers behind your head and have the fingertips touch. If this cannot be achieved, we have a workout to help you get this corrected so you can begin using PostureFit.  (video coming soon)

How often should I use my PostureFit Bar?

For getting started, we recommend setting Power Posture and doing the Daily Spinal Maintenance workout 3-5 times per week.  The spinal video is 6 minutes long, so it is easily doable in the morning before work or when you come home.  It can even be done at work for a quick stretch from your desk.  

If you want to further your workouts, we recommend PostureFit workouts 3-5 times per week, roughly 20-40 minutes per session.  Go to our You Tube channel, PostureFit to see our entire library.

Is Tech Neck related to bad posture?

Yes... Tech Neck is a form of Forward Head Posture, aka bad posture.  Hours on your devices stretch the head and neck forward.  Doing so creates an abundance of stress on the nerves and muscles in the neck and down the spine.  This can lead to disc problems down the road.  

Can I do PostureFit if I have neck and/or back pain?

PostureFit use is acceptable if you have minor neck or back pain.  Extreme pain that interrupts your day should be discussed with a doctor who is well versed in proper bio-mechanics, range of motion, and exercise.

Does your posture only have to do with your shoulders and head/neck?

No - Posture starts all the way down at your feet!  It's important to acknowledge an imbalanced foot position since it directly affects how your body responds to your gait and foot placement on the floor. Bad posture can start your feet and have a negative ripple effect all the way up.

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