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Master your fitness and correct your posture from the inside, out, all with one piece of equipment!

Eliminate Pain.     Improve Posture.     Build Strength. 
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INCREASE Range of Motion

DECREASE Rounded Shoulders

DECREASE Muscle Imbalance


We All Have Some Degree of Weak Posture

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PostureFit guides you!  Master your fitness and correct your posture from the inside out

Chiropractor Created

"Many products exist that promise to improve your posture.  From low-tech wearable items that force you to stand with your shoulders back to hi-tech products that buzz you to let you know you are slouching.  They can alert you to your poor posture, but they don't address its cause:  Forward Head Posture.

Without addressing Forward Head Posture and building a strong core, you will always end up defaulting back into the same negative posture you are seeking to correct. And your painful conditions will return.

--Dr. Liz Welch,  Creator of PostureFit